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This is SCP-8008-1, an anomalous piece of software containing a "Dating Simulator".

Only those with Class-4 clearance or above have authorization to run the software.

If you are seeing this warning and do not have authorization or do not know why you are seeing this warning please report it to your local authorities.

Thank you.



Doki Doki OST



Creative Director: Rebecca Harrison

Programming: Rebecca Harrison & Anthony Dorge

Music & Sound Design: Julian Beutel

Environment Art: Pooja Shah

Character Art: Sara Wilde

Project Management: Zachary Harrison

Doki Doki Anomaly is based on "SCP-173" by "Dr Gears": http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-173
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorFlightyfelon Games
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
TagsAnime, Creepy, Dating Sim, Horror, Mouse only, Psychological Horror, scp, weird


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DDA_FinalJamBuild_01_PC.zip 139 MB


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It's been two months, but I've finally finished the video about Brackeys Jam best games and your game is one of them:)

Here is the video:

It is premiering November 6th at 13:30 UTC and you are very welcome to join the premiere "live"!

thank you! I’ll check it out :)

Saves for the Steam version are broken? And the mouse cursor isn't aligned properly for Main menu UI but is fine for the puzzle section. Thought to let you know to update that, my saves go into a Loading state that goes 3-5+ minutes with what feels like no end.


thank you we are working on fixing it! 


it is fixed :)


Very creepy game. 

Will you add good ending(s)? Make her real and show the world while holding hands?


that would be nice but with SCPs survival is really the best you can hope for

i mean ig i will try it

Show post...



I don't know any of the references, but the game is amazing! It will very likely make it into my video about best Brackeys jam games! Did you make the music and sounds yourself?

I wish I'd played it while streaming, it would be even more fun!

By the way, is it possible to survive past three choices? Is it possible to click on her face?


Oh thank you! Yes Julian made all the music and his soundcloud is on the game's main page. :) There is a way to survive if you don't kiss her in the third act

The music is awesome. This is the only game in the entire jam, that I rated 5 for audio (and I played and rated 100 games already).

I actually played a couple of times, with choices I make "flipped", but wasn't able to survive. Maybe I'll try again later, when you have an update.

My main suggestion would be: try to make the game more welcoming to people unfamiliar with SCP (like myself), because it seems like there were quite a lot of terms used and I was somewhat lost.

Another suggestion: make it clear who you currently play as and who talks. At moments I wasn't sure if the current line is said by my character or by someone else.

Now I recalled there is actually a third small suggestion: when something happens in the text (and not speaking), you can separate it from speech either visually or for example with <>
(e.g. Player: Would you like to <raises hand> touch my hand?)


Those are some really good suggestions! Perhaps I could add a glossary tab that people can open during play. And yes I totally agree that the speech could be more clear


I am Terrified, the game is good but now i have a Mental brakedown.

i want to see the shy woman as in 096 and scp 049

(1 edit)

cool i have not played yet but i hope their is more than just scp 173. because if that is case i might be not really interested to play as much

Hey :) we’re gonna be releasing a full version in October with 2 more girls 

im so excited i love scp - doki doki anomaly!!

Simply fantastic


Wonderful game with a nice mix of mild horror and affection. Would've loved to see more, but pumping all of this out in just one week is amazing! Especially since you did some really weird new stuff with the matching game.

Btw: Your link to SCP-173 above leads to SCP-682. I can't help but wonder how something like that would happen. Did 173 break your clipboard while you were blinking? :-)

Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix that haha and thank you :) If you're interested we're going to be putting out a full version of the game in October so hang around for that.

I know, I'm already on your Discord as Kagayo. :-)

Ah! Wonderful! :D


Highly recommend this game. Can’t figure out how to click the face, though.

How did you do the fish-eye filter?

it’s one of the post processing effects in Unity:lens distortion 

Oh wait, I thought this was made in renpy xD


Gave it a Let's Play, I enjoy the fact that I get a sense you're not taking the piss (But sort of are?) while still respecting a decent amount of serious tones and not breaking the SCP Universes' 'Laws' of nature so to speak. Future version HAS to have SCP-1471 :p . . . 

you a furry my dude


You want a cookie for being able to point that out?


I absolutely love making terrifying things cute, and you nail it with this. It was worthwhile getting the different endings just to see how the story played out.


Hi, first I want to say that game with an idea is quite interesting.

in this game I like the ost that plays in the last minigame before endings 1 or 3, so I wonder if I can get this ost somehow?


I know Julian is planning to get the SoundCloud up today or tomorrow :)


The Good Ending.


I wanna see more but with different SCP's (btw I really love the sound design<3)


that’s exactly what we’re going to do! The huge response to the game has made us decide to make a full version :)

Check out the discord link above


Welp. I honestly never would have though of mixing the SCP stuff with the Japanizing beam. But it's honestly very interesting. I'll be keeping an eye out on this game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Is the Steam version of the game paid? (I actually want it free coz I'm broke ;-;)

it will probably be paid, though this version will be free forever!

Paid is not good.

its likeness is owned by an artist known as izumi kato and he only allows its use for non-commercial purposes.



which is exactly why the likeness of the sculpture made by Kato appears nowhere in the game. :)

The sculpture is not a human girl with green eyes and red hair. There are certainty resemblances but even the facial markings are different.

It is also available free, which satisfies other clauses.


Good game.

got a antivirus warning for "idp.generic" when I clicked on the exe (its prolly just avg being avg)


yeah that’s Unity >_<


Loved it. Is there a happy ending where you end up with SCP-173?


Sadly no haha. It’s just survival :P